We are Peak Cycle Performance, London. We specialise in helping you achieve your true potential as a cyclist. We use lab testing, Pearson Cyclefit and the team from Summit Wellbeing for the full pro team experience.
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Don’t waste a single watt.

We can make sure all that training, all those long rides, all those hours on the turbo don’t go to waste.

We make sure your body is performing well enough so every single watt you produce gets transferred directly to your pedals. We use lab testing, Pearson Cyclefit and the team at Summit Wellbeing who provide chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage services to make sure you’re riding pain free and at your best.

All this is located inside Pearson Performance Bike Shop in Sheen, South West London.

What We Do

We work with cyclists of all levels to promote your comfort and help you perform at your peak while on the bike.

Pain Free Cycling

If you get a sore back after your Sunday spin, knee pain after a big sportive or aching wrists on your new bike then something's wrong. Cycling should always be pain free. We fit you to your bike and then take steps to strengthen and remove the limiting factors to your physical frame.

Expert Chiropractors

Our chiropractors are skilled sports experts who take a special interest in cycling. They have extra training in both the art of the bike fit and chiropractic techniques to help athletes from the novice to the elite. Never more so does your body need adjustments and maintenance than as a cyclist. We aim to remove pain and improve performance.

Physio & Massage Support

Strength and your ability to get the power down relies on a bulletproof core and muscles primed like a finely-tuned pro. Comfort in the saddle relies on similar attributes. Our physiotherapists will develop the right strength and conditioning program for you and our sports massage team will keep your muscles relaxed and strong.

Measurable Results

Just like any machine, efficiency comes from the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’. And that’s what we do, we tweak, adjust and focus on the detail. We’re confident you’ll see improved results using our lab or blood testing procedures.

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